Business Solutions
Geonine offers four solutions services that can be tailored to meet our customer's specific technical needs.
Our solution services are designed to successfully take an enterprise solution from inception through production support. By focusing our solution offerings at four key inflection points of a typical development spectrum we are able to bring proven processes to bear with the primary aim of repeatedly driving risk from the development of an enterprise solution.

Project Inception
Solution requirements are gathered, analyzed and prioritized and then scrutinized for feasibility. Potential risks are identified, quantified and assigned containment and mitigation strategies. The solution is then scoped to adhere to schedule and budgetary constraints and then launched.

Proof of Concept and Prototyping
By crafting a Proof of Concept activity our engineers are able to attack risks identified in the Project Inception process with the aim of proving a given implementation is not only feasible but mitigates the target risk. Our engineers are also skilled at building conceptual prototypes to yield tangible deliverables very early in the development process. These evolutionary prototypes are designed to grow into the final solution by the incremental layering of functionality.

Application Development
Geonine has adapted the Rational Unified Process (RUP) to take advantage of features and characteristics of J2EE. Through practical use and experience we have created a powerful development methodology that reliably and predictably mitigates project risks while guiding our development team to the technical solution. Our hybrid RUP/J2EE development process defines a use-case centered approach to the analysis, design, implementation and unit testing phases of a traditional or iterative development lifecycle. The process defines a progression of milestone-based deliverables allowing us to tackle enterprise problems ranging from the evolution of conceptual prototypes to full application outsourcing.

Production Support
Our engineers map out a client-specialized deployment and cutover sequence to transition the new solution into its production environment with minimal disturbance to existing systems. 2006  |  Privacy Policy